Newest Release

Wolfgang "Narsiph"
Lorem whatever and stuff. This is just the test of the tests. This is where ways will part, where decisions will be made and where red goes into blue. Picture is in the making. Because you wanna see the real deal.
Ipsum lorem n' stuff. He is not only my better half but also my technician when it comes down to management of all the tech-stuff
Homepage Design

Hello there.


As you can see, the Homepage is now a complete work in progress. You will find already some content but, to be honest, its very scarce. Yes, i do all on my own and yes i want to have some form of standard so everything looks exactly how i want it and that takes time. Actually, a year passed after the 1.0 Version of my Homepage and it settled more and more dust. Now i know where i want to go with it and plan everything a bit better than before.

Look around, maybe you find something interesting yet - but currently: Everything is work in progress and, as usual, with that comes that everything is subject to change. That means if you like green and red, that could change all of a sudden. Maybe slightly, maybe hefty - who knows. Or the text you read somewhere - it could even completely disappear.

I just want you to know that nothing here is final until i am really done with it, and you will know it.