- The golden Rule: To avoid a bad atmosphere and to have the game get going, Admins/Moderators will have the last word. This applies on telegram and/or discord server(s) as well. Every Admin and/or Moderator has to take responsibility for their actions, no matter if they were good or bad. If you feel that you may have been treated unjustly, you can give us a statement of yours. Remember: It has been proven good to sleep at least one night after the problem occured to avoid any too emotional reactions that may harm you as a reaction. We always take your statement within our sit-ins and listen to both sides and discuss if the action was just or not (only while you're temporary banned. Full bans will never be discussed, because a full-ban is only applied after a temporary-ban happened and always in consens with all the Admins and Moderators)

- We have a zero-tolerance-policy against the abuse of admin-priviliges for personal fun and/or similar things. Also against the abuse of game-bugs, exploits and similiar to get yourself an advantage and/or others a disadvantage and/or diminishing the fun for others. Furthermore there is a zero-tolerance-policy against all forms of extremisticly presented opinion(s) and/or content. This also applies to the ignoring of facts.

- Play fair and respect each other. Everyone may have a bad day, but you should not vent at other players.

- Important: Just because something is not part of the rules, doesn't mean that it's automatically okay, allowed and/or accepted. Use your common sense.


Following Rules will be active beginning 1st November 2018:


Size of building


Your Home-Base can be as big as you like as long as it's on your claimed grounds. Make sure it is, because if it's not, you have absolutely no rights to those parts of the building. There are no excuses.



Your Machines, no matter if multiblock or not, shall also only be on claimed ground. If an operator sees machines that aren't on claimed ground, they will delete it. No discussions, no refund.


Size of Machines

Your Machines have to be sized for personal use only. That means, you don't produce for thousands of people but only for you. We understand that, if something is producing constant ressources, they stack up. That's not the problem.

If your Machine is so big, that it's easy to sustain server after server, after server, thats the point where you failed to build compact and your machine will be deleted. It's for the operator to decide if it's (way) too big. No discussions, no refund.

General rule of thumb:
Up to 5x5x5 = S(mall)

6x6x6 up to 9x9x9 = M(edium)

10x10x10 up to 16x16x16 = L(arge)

17x17x17 and up is considered X(tra) L(arge) - XL and bigger is not allowed.


Kill Switch

There must be a switch, outside of your home that every operator can see/find easily to power down _ALL_ of your machines/automatisms. There will be only one time you get a warning, no warning will be told when we face a problem with something you've built.

If there is a problem, and there is no way to shut down your machines and/or automatism functions, you will be banned. No discussions, no refund.


Not online, no benefit!

If you leave the server, you have to power down all of your automatisms and/or machines. Preferably with your main-switch. If you are AFK for a longer time (Everything over 10 Minutes) you have to power down automatisms/machines as well.


There will be no disucssions.

"But the server could handle it" - I don't care.

"But on ... there isn't ..." - I don't care

"But I really want to ..." - I don't care

"But ..." - I don't care

It's not that I don't want to hear things, but we have rules. Period. The rules are not just because I like them and think they are funny but most people don't have common sense. And thanks to those people we need the rules.

Just because something is not in the rules or you find a loophole, you don't have the right to abuse it. Simple as that.

If you find yourself banned you will have to wait 7 days until we discuss the ban - If we see a chance for you to be unbanned, you get a final chance. Don't count on it.

If you're banned, you will be banned from the whole community - there will be no discussion.



Current Launcher: Tekkit

Current Modpack: Tekxit 3

Next Vote-Change ( 20.11.18

Whitelist Formular

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There is no 'Golden Rule'
Check everything thats true

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